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Q&A with T. J. Dawe at Nanaimo’s Harbour City Theatre

July 29th, 2014 | Posted by vimhsadmin in people first media

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The “Lord of the Fringe” was in Nanaimo to present his latest monologue Marathon as a fundraiser for the Nanaimo Fringe Festival

picture 567Acclaimed fringe theatre veteran TJ Dawe performed his latest show, Marathon, in mid-July in Nanaimo as a benefit for the city’s Fringe Festival. Weaving together varied interests and relentlessly pursuing self-discovery, TJ creates intimate and engaging shows that always leave his audiences with something to chew on.

TJ was in Nanaimo last year to perform Medicine, his acclaimed account of personal experiences with ayahuasca, a South American plant with hallucinogenic properties that has become synonymous with life-changing experiences. TJ told The Straight that his ayahuasca experiences contributed to a comprehensive realignment of his psyche, and to an artistic reinvigoration that saw him become a happy and healthy collaborator on some big-time projects.

Marathon focuses primarily on TJ’s evolving understanding of the Enneagram personality system, an ancient typology used in both business and spiritual contexts for increasing self-awareness and understanding.

Dawe is genuine and approachable—young; together. He’s telling us about his childhood, about his philosophies, about qualities we all possess, and about factors that affect us and shape our lives, no matter where we come from. Marathon is astonishing. It’s raw. It’s a man braving his deepest fears to share his discoveries with us. [Review, Orlando Fringe 2014]

TJ Dawe has written and performed fourteen monologues, and helped create as many more solo shows, plays and theatre pieces over the course of twenty years of touring and close to one hundred fringe festivals across Canada and abroad. He’ll be performing Medicine this August 2014 at Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival (August 21-31).

People First Radio was at TJ Dawe’s Nanaimo performance to record his after-show comments. We’ll share them on-air.

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VancouverReal—TJ Dawe—“An Enneagram Marathon” (July 5, 2014)

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