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On the road…to find out

On the road…to find out is a documentary film that explores issues related to the re-location of people with mental illness, from smaller communities on Vancouver Island, to Nanaimo—in order to access mental health services. The film is intended to be a discussion starter…

What happens when people are taken out of their natural social setting after they become mentally ill? What are the positive and negative effects of re-location? Where is home once someone has been relocated for an extended period?

on the road dvdThe documentary was commissioned by Vancouver Island Mental Health Society (Columbian Centre Society at the time) and produced and directed by filmmaker Paul Manly (of Manly Media). Manly worked with people who have accessed services, local service providers and specialists, and Vancouver Island Mental Health Society staff to produce what is a first-ever documentary film about some of the challenges facing mental health services and patients on Vancouver Island.

Paul Manly’s work gives expression to three individuals who experienced re-location as well as to those people who have provided support. “Mental illness touches everyone in some way and the crew I work with is no exception,” says Manly.

Paul Manly and some of the people who appear in the documentary were present for a panel discussion at the film’s premiere showing, held during Vancouver Island Mental Health Society’s (Columbian Centre at the time) annual general meeting in June 2013.

For more information about On the road…to find out, or to purchase a copy of the DVD, contact us (250-758-8711).
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audio interviews about the film

Thursday June 13, 2013 on People First Radio…we spoke with filmmaker Paul Manly and with film participant Mark Willott. On Thursday June 20, 2013 on People First Radio…we spoke with psychiatrist and film participant Dr. Joris Wiggers.

483_june_13_2013_sm     Paul Manly     Left-click to listen; right-click to save.

484_june_13_2013_sm     Mark Willott     Left-click to listen; right-click to save.

486_june_20_2013_sm     Dr. Joris Wiggers     Left-click to listen; right-click to save.

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participants in the film

Images below: Martin, Gail, Mark, Dr. Joris Wiggers—some of the participants in the film.

martin film gail film mark film picture 486

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