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B.C.’s social housing projects are facing delays

Housing projects are known for delays, but the problem has gotten much worse recently for both private and non-profit projects, as builders struggle with labour shortages, delays in getting materials, increasingly inexperienced work crews and more in what was a very...

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Traumatic brain injury and its links to homelessness

AUDIO | Homelessness and poverty are significant social problems across Canada and the United States and there is growing evidence suggesting that Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is one of the complex issues leading an individual to homelessness. It’s also becoming...

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Working to make housing affordable in Nanaimo

AUDIO | Affordable housing is a major issue across Canada. Nanaimo Affordable Housing Society is growing its stock of housing, from social housing to family housing to housing for single adults and various types of supportive housing. The organization builds...

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