Board of Directors

Vancouver Island Mental Health Society is a charitable nonprofit community-based organization, led by professional staff and governed by a volunteer board of directors

Board of Directors

Board members are elected at VIMHS annual general meetings (usually held in June each year) and generally serve for two-year terms. The current board of directors includes the following members:

Bill Bard
James Brennan
Arthur Burrows, Chair
Lynne Fraser, Vice-Chair
Judy Gerrand, Secretary
Brigitte Goguen
Sharon Hobenshield
Natalie Luchtmeyer
Connie Mander, Treasurer
Brock Williamson

The work of the Board

The Vancouver Island Mental Health Society’s board of directors is a governance board, meaning that it is responsible for the broader directions of the organization, while the management and staff are responsible for the details of the organization’s work.
The Board meets regularly with senior management and once a year in a day-long themed workshop. Members of the Board also meet in smaller committees as required.
Above, Board members Lynne Fraser, Brock Williamson, Arthur Burrows and (in background) Sharon Hobenshield work in small groups at a September 2018 workshop focused on the organization’s external communications and messaging.