Dr. Trevor Hancock is a retired professor and senior scholar at the University of Victoria’s School of Public Health and Social Policy, a public health physician, health promotion consultant and columnist for the Victoria Times-Colonist newspaper. Dr. Hancock spoke with People First Radio about themes from his recent columns published between January 31 and February 14, 2021, titled True prosperity is doughnut-shaped Achieving human potential is true prosperity…and Our economic system needs to recognize the price — and value — of nature.

Dr. Hancock addressed the doughnut economy framework — an approach that has been adopted by the city of Amsterdam, in The Netherlands — as the basis for its post-COVID recovery. And right here on Vancouver Island, the city of Nanaimo has adopted the framework as “a cohesive vision for all city initiatives and planning processes,” the first Canadian city to do so.

Listen to Dr. Trevor Hancock on People First Radio using the link below (you may also download a copy of the audio).

dr trevor hancock_human potential_prosperity