A lack of investment in the necessities of life, from health care to housing, has left residents of Nanaimo to ‘pick up the pieces.’

When I sit down to write a series, I typically try to break the issue down into a simple outline that often takes the form of questions: What is the situation currently? How did things get this way? What can be done about it?

When I wrote about homelessness and then Nanaimo’s rental crisis, I noticed they had overlapping themes. Things like addiction, poverty and the increasing unaffordability of everything from housing to the cost of groceries. But there was one subject that kept surfacing that seemed to overlay the entire situation, which was that the lack of investment in social supports aimed at prevention left the cost of dealing with social disorder in Nanaimo to fall on regular city residents’ shoulders.  Read the rest of this analysis by Julie Chadwick at The Discourse…

Image: Sarah Webber stands beside her vehicle on Nanaimo Lakes Road where her catalytic converter was recently stolen. Photo by Julie Chadwick/The Discourse