“This will provide an opportunity for those folks who are currently living in a transitional housing situation to have a lifetime home,” Vancouver Island Mental Healthy Society executive director Taryn O’Flanagan said. “We’re going to provide staff support to folks who live in the building so they have tenancy support to maintain that housing and ongoing check-ins as needed.”

NANAIMO — Several affordable housing projects which could significantly help struggling Nanaimo residents have taken important steps towards opening their doors. During [the Monday October 2, 2018 Nanaimo City] council meeting, a development permit was approved for a 23-unit personal care facility at the corner of Rosehill St. and Terminal Ave.
Proposed by the Vancouver Island Mental Health Society, it will provide 23 single occupancy studio apartments. Some units will have rent based on income, while others will be offered at shelter rates for those on income assistance.
Society executive director Taryn O’Flanagan told NanaimoNewsNOW the $1.7 million housing project is designed for people who’ve achieved a stable position in life and a ready for something more permanent.  Read more at NanaimoNewsNow…