“Don’t call the police,” my son said, over the phone, near tears, his voice sounding desperate. “The police kill people with mental illness all the time.” His mom and I had called the police on him before.

We called them when he disappeared during a psychotic break, when he refused to comply with an involuntary hospitalization order and when he left the hospital on a temporary pass and refused to go back. We called them when he was unwell and tried to hitchhike out of the province with no money or possessions. Twice he was apprehended, and we watched him twist and struggle before police wrestled him to the ground and took him away.  Read the rest of this opinion article at The Globe and Mail…


Philip Moscovitch is a writer and audio producer based in Halifax. His work frequently touches on mental-health issues and policy. (Image: Nicola Davison/handout)

Image (top): iStockphoto