AUDIO | As the weeks pass and we collectively experience the COVID-19 pandemic, stories are popping up about what life might look like once the pandemic ends — if the pandemic ends. At the same time, deaths from the virus continue to climb, or level off, or haven’t yet begun to make an impact — depending upon where you live.

Marjorie Stewart lives with her husband Al in Lantzville, on the northern edge of Nanaimo, here on Vancouver Island. She’s the past chairwoman of Nanaimo Foodshare and a strong advocate for local food production and overall food security. Marjorie spoke with People First Radio about the pandemic — and a recent article she wrote for the Nanaimo Bulletin titled “Good food at farmers’ markets an essential service during pandemic.”

An exponentially reproducing virus has disrupted the tangle of complex global systems in which we are trapped. Enforced dislocation from the daily grind reveals our capacity for neighbourliness, the quality most needed to resist a pandemic and also the quality most needed to replace vulnerable global systems for energy, food, manufacturing, distribution and finance. Local resilience and sustainability are no longer abstractions for academics and futurists, they are the only lifeline, right here at home, where we live and have to look each other in the eye.  — Marjorie Stewart, Nanaimo News Bulletin (April 3, 2020)

Listen to Marjorie Stewart on People First Radio.

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