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Documentary film

On the road…to find out is a documentary film that explores issues related to the re-location of people with mental illness, from smaller communities on Vancouver Island, to Nanaimo—in order to access mental health services. The film is intended to be a discussion starter…
What happens when people are taken out of their natural social setting after they become mentally ill? What are the positive and negative effects of re-location? Where is home once someone has been relocated for an extended period?
The documentary was commissioned by Vancouver Island Mental Health Society and produced and directed by filmmaker Paul Manly (of Manly Media) in 2013.
Watch the trailer on YouTube here.
For more information about On the road…to find out or to purchase a copy of the DVD, contact us (250-758-8711).

Public service announcements

Radio Malaspina (CHLY 101.7 FM radio in Nanaimo), Vancouver Island Mental Health Society and volunteers teamed up during the summer of 2012 to create four audio public service announcements (PSAs) for national distribution.
The PSAs are available online at no cost to radio stations and community groups across Canada and the English speaking world.

Jennifer: I remember the social workers taking me far from my home…

Listen or download: ccs_mental health_jennifer

Matthew: When I first got back from a military tour…

Listen or download: ccs_mental health_matthew

Ashley: You wouldn’t have known it, but a few months ago…

Listen or download: ccs_mental health_ashley

Colin: I worked construction for a lot of years…

Listen or download: ccs_mental health_colin

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