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VIMHS Currents newsletter for March 2019 is here

Stories of loss, grief, advocacy and activism. Plus...Alfred Andrew and his road to recovery…Michelle Young asks “How do I talk to my young daughter about my depression?”…Brain Injury Symposium looks at brain injury, mental health and substance use…and more. In the...

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We are hiring!

VIMHS is currently hiring for the following casual positions: Nurse; Mental Health Support Worker; and Tenant Support Worker. Please send cover letter and resume to gbaker [at] Position descriptions (in PDF) can be found here: Nurse Job Description, MHSW...

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California tests a digital ‘fire alarm’ for mental distress

Last winter, several dozen people who were struggling with suicidal urges and bouts of intense emotion opened their lives to a company called Mindstrong, in what has become a closely watched experiment in Silicon Valley.  Read the rest of this article at The New York...

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I am still your child: Young carers in the spotlight

AUDIO | More than half a million of Canada’s front line mental healthcare “workers” are less than twelve years old. They’re called COPMI…Children Of a Parent with Mental Illness…and there are 575,000 of them in Canada. Children who grow up with a parent who has mental...

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Can technology fill the gaps in our mental health system?

AUDIO | Jodie Shupac is a Toronto-based journalist and features writer. She covers health, technology, sex and social justice issues. Jodie also struggles with depression and anxiety. In late 2018 Jodie wrote an article for The Walrus titled How Technology Can Fill...

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