Alfred Andrew’s road to recovery

Alfred Andrew’s road to recovery

After almost 40 years of substance use and rounds of homelessness and living on the street, Alfred Andrew is now sober and working to help others who are struggling as he once did. Alfred lives in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. He now works in...

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Palliative care could alleviate harms of homelessness

A three-year University of Victoria study of people living homeless or barely housed while struggling with life-threatening medical conditions confirms that when palliative care can be found, it improves the difficult life circumstances and worsening vulnerabilities...

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Island Voices: Affordable housing is a human right

Last week, the story of Camp Namegans residents and their recent eviction and arrest at Woodwynn Farms was not front-page news. Instead, municipal-election results captured the front page. It was good to see that the majority of councillors elected in the City of...

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How do I talk to my young daughter about my depression?

Michelle Young is a first-time mother who lives with her family in Ottawa, Ontario. She’s an avid reader with a passion for writing. Michelle’s very personal story—How do I talk to my young daughter about my depression?—was published in The Globe and Mail on October...

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Canadian students call for help with mental health issues

Students in Canada continue to face numerous challenges to their mental well-being. With increased awareness and rising rates of mental illness, campus counselling and other mental health services are often overwhelmed. In fact, the percentage of students prescribed...

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