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Here’s our VIMHS Currents newsletter for November 2020

It’s that giving time of year…VIMHS updates from Campbell River and Nanaimo…Stats, infographics, and the continuum of housing…COVID stress syndrome…Mental health challenges among women and girls who are homeless…and more.  Download a PDF copy of our...

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Bridge housing and supportive housing in Campbell River

Provinces across Canada face similar issues as attempts are made to provide housing to homeless citizens. In British Columbia, the provincial government is acting on several fronts, across a spectrum of programs, from emergency shelters to temporary, transitional, and...

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B.C.’s tiny houses show big promise for homeless

When homeless people in Duncan, B.C., were asked two years ago how they’d like to live, they said a small cluster of simple sleeping cabins would be great. That way, they’d have a few others around for some protection but not so many that it would become a chaotic,...

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Nanaimo’s homeless youth share their stories, poems, artwork

Delaney Gunn, a youth literacy coordinator at Literacy Central Vancouver Island, has been working to collect the stories of youth experiencing homelessness in and around Nanaimo by sharing them with the public in a magazine series called Place. “One of the biggest...

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