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Here’s our VIMHS Currents newsletter for March 2020

Schizophrenia...Treatment and recovery...The importance of insight in recovery from mental illness...Inpatient care for people with serious mental illness... Acquired brain injury and opioid overdose... VIMHS updates... Read our March 2020 newsletter online here.

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Mental health struggles may be the next pandemic

There’s the deep dread of being unable to provide as economic consequences continue to kick in, jobs vanish and businesses close. There’s the simmering anxiety that a second surge of COVID-19 is coming, or that every trip outdoors could be literally sickening or...

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Making music in a time of crisis reminds us we belong

AUDIO | With constraints on our movements and general way of life becoming more and more restricted, we are feeling a loss of control not experienced since the second world war. In being confined to our homes, we are missing our normal social support from friends and...

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