AUDIO | Ryan Antooa is a creative – through and through. He’s a creative artist, photographer, graphic designer, copywriter, dancer, freelance creative director – and he’s also a poet. Ryan’s poetry appeared in print for the first time in a book called Better In Tune With the Infinite. He put pen to paper, in his words, as a key part of his mental health therapy in 2019. Ryan’s second book of poetry has now been published — it’s called Channel Blue — and that project is related to his family origins and heritage.

“The younger version of me or the young BIPOC (Black Indigenous and People of Colour) individuals that I grew up with would have benefited from the same type of information or wisdom that I’ve been happy enough to glean,” said Antooa. “So if you have more, do more.”  —  ‘Pen to paper’: Poet sharing mental health journey as form of therapy (CTV News Kitchener, March 3, 2021)

Ryan Antooa recently appeared on People First Radio to speak about his poetry and read from his books. Listen and/or download below.

ryan antooa_better in tune with the infinite_channel blue

Image (top): Ryan Antooa (submitted)