VIMHS offers a variety of services focusing primarily on housing and recovery from mental illness

VIMHS offers a variety of services focusing primarily on housing and recovery from mental illness. Our services support approximately 70 adults with psychiatric disabilities in six separate residences.
Many of our residents come to us through referrals from Island Health Substance Use and Addiction services.

Recovery-based psychosocial model

Often, our residents struggle with addictions in addition to mental illness. VIMHS addresses complex mental health and substance use issues in all our housing projects using a recovery-based psychosocial model.
Residents’ length of stay is based upon each person’s recovery process.

Transitional housing

We provide a range of  transitional housing options, beginning with Gateway House which offers intensive psychiatric and psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR).
From there, residents can move into semi-independent living units (SILS) where they continue receiving PSR but there is an emphasis on preparing individuals for independent living.
Finally, if there is a vacancy, residents can choose to move into one of our supportive independent living facilities, Boundary Crescent or Rosehill Apartments.

Sobering and assessment

The Campbell River Sobering and Assessment Centre (CRSAC) provides a safe and supportive environment for publicly intoxicated individuals to become sober.
The street-level walk-in facility offers services for substance-dependent individuals who may be experiencing secondary issues such as drug abuse/dependence, mental illness and/or medical issues.
CRSAC is managed and staffed by Vancouver Island Mental Health Society.

Community education

In keeping with our vision to live in a society that values and supports all people, VIMHS offers community education programs, including the Hearing Voices Workshop, which simulates the experience of hearing voices, and Mental Health First Aid, which teaches community members about mental illness and how to respond in a mental health crisis event.
People First Media provides education and awareness through traditional (FM broadcast radio) and social (Facebook, Twitter) media.


“The concept of “recovery” in mental health refers to living a satisfying, hopeful, and contributing life, even when a person may be experiencing ongoing symptoms of a mental health problem or illness. Recovery journeys build on individual, family, cultural, and community strengths and can be supported by many types of services, supports, and treatments.”
— Mental Health Commission of Canada