People First Media

Education and awareness can lead to greater understanding, empathy and decreased stigma related to mental health challenges, problems and illnesses

People First Media is a Vancouver Island Mental Health Society program using traditional media (FM radio) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) to educate and raise awareness about issues related to health and wellness — with a particular emphasis on topics related to mental illness and mental health, homelessness and housing, and addiction, harm reduction and recovery. Find our podcasts and a link to our program archive here.

Annual awareness campaigns

People First Media also produces (and shares) content for annual awareness campaigns, such as Mental Health Awareness Week, Mental Illness Awareness Week, Suicide Prevention Week, and Eating Disorders Awareness Week. PFM also participates in campaigns with partnering organizations, such as Haven Society, to produce content specific to related topics.

Social media

People First can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We share links to news stories and social media campaigns across Facebook and Twitter on an ongoing basis. Follow us!