Sobering and Assessment

Sobering centres provide short-term services for persons of any gender aged 17 and older who is experiencing intoxication due to drug or alcohol use

Campbell River sobering and assessment centre

Vancouver Island Mental Health Society opened a “sobering and assessment centre” on July 10, 2017, in Campbell River.
The Island Health-funded project provides front line help for people struggling with substance abuse and addiction.
Its location, at 1330 Dogwood Street, is also convenient for folks relying on street level services for food and shelter, along with addiction challenges.

What is a sobering and assessment centre?

Sobering and assessment facilities are open 24 hours a day, offering sobering beds for short-term services (up to 24 hours) available to individuals of any gender aged 17 and older who are experiencing intoxication due to drug or alcohol use.
The accessible, safe, and staffed facilities have been shown to significantly reduce the use of hospitals, city cells, shelters, and public spaces for people who are vulnerable when under the influence of substances and/or in crisis.
Sobering and assessment centres can also assist people in stabilizing and making a plan (if desired) to obtain appropriate medical care, supports, and resources to meet daily living needs.