Kandi Keller has lived most of her life in Campbell River. She’s been a single mom for 16 years and was steadily employed until health issues left her on disability supports. Kandi recently faced another enormous challenge — the loss of the family’s rental home — which threatened to leave her and her two sons homeless.

“Places are going in 15-20 minutes online. As soon as they’re listed they’re gone. I’ve phoned every hotel and cabin in town for a monthly rental, but since it’s summer now, none of them are doing that. Now we’re looking at $550 weekly to stay in a hotel, plus $350 monthly for storage for my entire house. Then still trying to have money to try and secure a place. It’s looking really bleak.”  — Kandi Kehler, The Campbell River Mirror, 12 days left: Campbell River family at end of lease with nowhere else to go” (June 18, 2021)

British Columbia has among the lowest vacancy rates in the entire country, along with some of the highest rents. And Campbell River’s vacancy rate — at about 0.7 per cent — is among the lowest in British Columbia. Low vacancy rates mean that rental homes are very hard to find.

Kandi Kehler brought her story to The Campbell River Mirror and sought assistance from several organizations. She appeared on People First Radio to share her story and how her family’s housing crisis was finally solved. Listen and/or download below.

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Image: People First Media/iStockphoto