There will be any number of men and women working with NBA teams, between now and whenever the season ends, dealing with the physical needs of everyone involved.There will be daily testing for the coronavirus and any treatment that arises from that, as well as the usual bevy of doctors, athletic trainers and physical therapists to handle the inevitable muscle pulls and strains and injuries that pop up.

But some of the most important medical people on the league’s Disney campus — and in the training sessions that lead up to it — will be there to help deal with the mental stress that goes with such a unique experience.  Read the rest of this article at The Toronto Star…

“The top priority is health and safety and I think when people hear health and safety, a lot of times people think about injury or they just think about COVID,” NBPA president Chris Paul of the Oklahoma City Thunder said on a conference call Friday. “While both are important, I think mental health is the biggest thing that a lot of us players think of first.”

Image: iStockphoto