AUDIO | The Toronto Star reported on October 5, 2020 that stressed Ontario teachers are saying that they’re ‘June tired’ — but it’s only October. Reporter Nadine Yousif wrote that “Many of Ontario’s 160,000 teachers say burnout is running rampant. They’re overwhelmed with a barrage of new responsibilities outside of teaching, including rigorous cleaning of classrooms, navigating technological issues for online classes and trying to maintain physical distancing between younger children. All this while being responsible for the education of Ontario’s two million students — a process that’s become increasingly complicated as more parents opt for online education at the eleventh hour.” [Read the article here]

Jason Garramone is a special education teacher in Waterloo, Ontario. His story, This year will be tough for my class of special-needs students, was published in The Globe and Mail as part of its “First Person” series of personal stories on September 15, 2020. Jason recorded his story for People First Radio and then spoke about the impacts of the pandemic on him and his class of students. Listen to the interview.

jason garramone_this year tough for special-needs students


Images: (top) iStockphoto; (centre) Jason Garramone; (above) iStockphoto