People working in Campbell River on the homelessness crisis have made a lot of progress since 2021, but also had a few unexpected setbacks. The year started off well, with the announcement of a working group with the Campbell River Coalition to End Homelessness that would be tasked with identifying needs and to advocating for resources in the community to ensure that people experiencing homelessness have access to the supports they need.

The Coalition to End Homelessness holds monthly meetings over Zoom, and those interested in taking part can contact the Coalition to be added to the mailing list.

When the pandemic came into full swing, the community was hit hard by the effects. Sue Moen, one of the leadership team on the Coalition, told the Campbell River Mirror in November that “it’s very difficult to remember what it was like pre-pandemic.”  Read the rest of this article at the Campbell River Mirror…

Image: The new supportive housing complex being built at 580 Dogwood Street [VIMHS image from October 2020]