23 units of new rental housing are now available in Nanaimo at VIMHS Rosehill Apartments (located at 285 Rosehill Street). Rental rates are governed by BC Housing’s Community Housing Fund.

“There is an urgent need to create more options for those struggling to find suitable, adequate, and reasonably priced accommodation. Together with our housing partners, we’re developing affordable rental homes for middle and low-income families, independent seniors and individuals in BC. BC Housing will work with non-profit organizations, housing co-operatives, and local government to create this additional supply through the submission and approval of project proposals. The program does not include housing with support services or residential care components.”  — BC Housing

All 23 units at Rosehill Apartments are studio (i.e. “bachelor”) apartments; one is fully accessible for a tenant with mobility challenges. Heating and cooling units are provided (ductless heat pump) as well as hot water (on demand system). Tenants are responsible for establishing their own BC Hydro account (for personal electricity usage). There is a pay laundry room on site.

The entire building is non-smoking. A covered smoking area is provided on the property.

4 “deep subsidy” units

These four units are specifically available for individuals receiving BC benefits. They have already been offered to individuals who are currently housed by VIMHS in other locations. These tenants will be income tested on an annual basis.

12 “rent geared to income” units

These twelve units are available for individuals who have a moderate income (approximately $20,000 to $40,000 per year). These tenants will be income tested on an annual basis.

7 “low market” units

The monthly rent for these seven units will be (at the present time, still under discussion) $800 to $850 per month. They are available for individuals who are earning between $40,000 and $60,000 per year. These tenants are subject to income verification only upon moving in.
Individuals who are receiving BC benefits as well as receiving an ongoing subsidy from VIMHS (or another external subsidy) may be eligible for the low market units but not for the rent geared to income units (as they are partially subsidized already).

For information or clarification, please email: rosehill [at] vimhs.org