We’re at a crossroads. As of Sept. 16, 2020, COVID-19 had infected over 29 million people and caused more than 930,000 deaths worldwide. Infections target the respiratory system and cause difficulty breathing, chest pain and fever. The virus may also be linked to cardiovascular, pulmonary, and neurological ailments which, in some cases, can remain for months.

COVID-19 has also triggered one of the largest disruptions to social life in the 21st century. People around the world have been asked to stay home and keep their distance from friends, family and colleagues, wear a mask, and practise enhanced hygiene for the foreseeable future to reduce the spread of the virus.

Not surprisingly, this new reality has taken a toll on mental health in Canada and around the world. Results from a large crowd-sourced survey of over 46,000 Canadians conducted by Statistics Canada in the early months of pandemic showed a three-fold increase in the percentage of Canadians indicating that their mental health is “fair or poor” compared to two years prior.  Read the rest of this opinion article at The Vancouver Sun…

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